Sunday, December 23, 2007

Community Profile

Mikey M.C. "L'il Tank" D
(as played by Count Dukakis)
In crafting his curious performance
of a pompous yet bumbling Iago,
Mr. Dukakis is revealed as having as much to do with
"the people" and their processes...
as Man of La Mancha has to do with the literature of Cervantes.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

FW: Apron Parking Hearing Dec 3

From Evan Gordon

As you know, many neighborhoods face a severe parking shortage, and
sometimes creative solutions must be found. Earlier this year, Councilmember
Jack Weiss introduced a measure to change the city's laws to explicitly
allow parking in the driveway apron in the North Village. This proposal
will be discussed at 11AM on Monday, December 3 at City Hall (200 North
Spring Street, 90012, RM 340). The hearing will include time for public
comment and testimony about the issue, and it would be helpful to the
Committee members to hear firsthand from local residents about the need for
this measure.

If you have questions, please call me.
Evan Gordon
Offices of Councilman Jack Weiss
Council District 5
822 South Robertson Blvd., #102
Los Angeles, CA 90035
310.289.0353 (main)
310.289.0365 (fax)

ucla, usc, uc santa barbara already have deals with flexcar

according to, flexcar is already available to ucla students, with flexcar available in several ucla parking lots.... our streets should be for the public....

steve case, former aol chief's company revolution llc owns flexcar

steve case's company revolution owns flexcar... though
i think it is a very interesting idea and i hope the
company grows and eases congestion, this is a private
company with huge money behind it... they have made
deals with many universities (they should be buying
spaces from ucla), but why take away our parking
spaces?.... they should be buying spaces from private
parking lots in westwood, not taking away our parking

to watch the award winning cnbc documentary on the aol
takeover of time warner, called "the big heist" see
link above.... they should be competing in the
marketplace like every other company