Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mr. done with these scalawags.

Whoever is posting this stuff really understands the Dukakis style.
As a former Bay Staters who had to endure the Dukakis Mystique TWICE,
we can tell you that the "BOOM" times he engineered were based                                                                                on flim flam public works projects and fat contracts for his frinds.

When he (They) left to pretend to run for the Presidency,
(a horrifying testament to the weaknesses within the Democratic Party at the time)
The Massachusetts "Miracle" fell flat on its face and the State faced                                                                             the largest deficit in its history.
The Dukakis' love to meddle and are adept at abusing the system.

I hope we (Villagers)can face down this partnership.

He is very good at "fixing" fights. They make sure they win
by rigging the public process as much as possible.

We thought we had left them behind when we moved here in '89.

Someone needs to explain to us, exactly WHY does the Village need any MORE input from these two?

thanks for painting an accurate picture of them.

Former Bostonian

January 2, 2007 11:09

UCLA embarassment Redux

Originally posted for Alex as advice.
Now posted to demonstrate that Hubris is contagious.
The legacy of pomposity that is the Mike &Kitty Dukakis' Experience
has been serviced (humored) enough.
Seen here,
UCLA student Alex F,
being "mentored" by Mikey"D" your history man!
The use of children on the front lines is, when possible, eschewed by adults.
Thanks for your offer to form a "student" Parking Organization*
* (read: Dukakis Project)
 Unfortunately, this "fake" issue is now in the real world.
And while it no doubt serves Professor Shoup and Mikey D
to insert you, as a front, into our lives;
the moral dearth exhibited by your two exploiters is quite revealing.
We can relate to your obvious need to create a Master's thesis;
however, at this point, after already screwing everything up for a Town, 
any input from you or the Dukakis~Shoup Fake Parking Problem Project
does not interest us.
The inherent conflict of interests on the part of yourself, Mr. Shoup and Mikey D,
should be obvious to a 4th grader.
When posturing ivory towered academic lecternal idealism
collides with the street level realism of the interactive human social structure,
the results are most often foolish and quite destructive.
You guys had your turn, you did the Dukakis' dirty work.
It matters not to us:
If you were unaware of the consequences of your efforts
on behalf of your instructors
If you were fully aware of the consequences
and you did it anyway...
either position demonstrates clearly
why we have no need of your services.
n'est ce pas?
Now its our turn.
When we, (actual residents and owners)  need a college kid
to help us defend our equity, lifestyle and neighborhood
from pandering disingenuous washed up political types
and Professorial Pundits of the Obvious,
we will be certain to call you first.
You are now a pawn in a grotesque charade.
A neighborhood and City are disrupted;
faced with a series of wholly unneccessary
and problematic confrontations...
all because:
Mrs D. had a tantrum over something that is none of her business,
Mikey the Perfect One, jumps to the rescue,
Shoup gets 15 minutes more attention for his silly book,
disabled Americans were mocked,
 in pursuit of salving one family's pompous arrogance.
This is not about Public Policy Alex..
this is about an overbearing bully
cynically abusing the system to get his way,
in service to his family's self perceived/anointed entitlement.
How sad...
You should be ashamed to walk next to this man.
ADA Regulations?
that is disgusting.
Mikey is a Politician Alex...
Politicians say anything to garner and maintain attention.
Unfortunately, a man who will say anything, will do anything;
figuring that if you aren't smart enough to "catch on"
you  deserve whatever you get
that by your failure to stop their delusion,
you have given them permission. 
While this might be an appropriate developmental perspective
for say a 5 year old, it is aught but sad and dangerous in a grown man
Wake Up Alex...
We Villagers have our own Committee, thank you very much.
You and the other "kids" will need to find another Class project.
We are not interested in arguing to the "ideal"
The "idea"'would be for UCLA to look at the practice of a Part-Time Professor
using UCLA students and faculty to manipulate local government
in order to please his wife.
We suggest you offer your services to your Alma Mater.
Perhaps you can do a better job than Mr. Shoup, of informing UCLA
and the State that it is THEY who are the problem, and who must conform to the law ;
not the Resident Home OWNERS/Voters.
Decency and common sense demands UCLA solve
the problem, (as it is wholly created by them),
by Parking their Students and Employees on UCLA Property.
(The Football Stadium could probably hold many many cars.)
Perhaps this Public (State of California School) University
could apply some of the tens of millions of Dollars
from Network B'Ball and Football payments toward solving this issue
with construction of some appropriate off site
pay parking for UCLA Students and Employees.
You've been had Alex.
Step aside and let the real creators of this fiasco
take the heat for their cynicism and hubris.
If the case is that strong, why do they need you?
You have read Shakepeare and Machiavelli...yes?
They get paid plenty of money to stand before, and awe "20 somethings",
stand back Alex, and make 'em earn it in front of "50 somethings",
out from under your well meaning shadow.
Alex, we assume you are a reasonable and decent fella...
no offense is actually meant to you personally.
But in life, "if you lie down with dogs..." etc.
( Alex ,please note just how many "players"
in National politics make it a point not to stand
next to Mikey in Photo-ops).
There are so much more noble and meaningful fights to have.
This sad and paltry episode is not the result
of a majority outcry nor a minority slight.
It is upon us because of one family's need to prove
how much better they are....than they are, were or ever could be.
Healthy adults do not ask children to solve adult problems.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yo Jack...Reality Check

Dignitaries included (back row) Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Brian Williams, Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss, (front row) Chancellor Albert Carnesale, State Assemblyman Paul Koretz, County of Los Angeles Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and UC Student Regent Tracy Davis, a UCLA doctoral student.
When you are done with the feel good pix,
when you are done entertaining the Dukakis' hubris,
when you get down to it:
Mikey and Shoup have tenure due to the bad judgement of UCLA;
You sir, do not.
Kindly represent the majority affected by this nonsense.
If  Mr & Mrs. Dukakis do not like the way
we handle our neigborhood they can move.
If Messrs. Dukaki & Shoup are cynical enough
 to use students (who NEED Masters' projects)
in order to "get their way", do not attempt to legitamize them; 
kindly remember who put YOU in office.
This upcoming "meeting" is a disgrace,
 and you should be ashamed at even entertaining the notion of it.
The Dukakis' are self-anointed Brahmins who are USED
to getting their way by hook or by crook.
Kindly tell them you(we) have higher standards out here.
Think Elections Jack