Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ahhh, the good old days

Earliest known solution
to horse & wagon boom
around UCLA  c.1870

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ADA ~ Dukakis File Update !

After a visit by the Dukakis' 
to the USS Westwood,
an  ADA Rapid Response Swat Team
descended on the carrier;
determining that tandem parked aircraft
made the deck ugly
and that the apron parked aircraft
made the fighter planes unaccessable
under ADA guidelines.
The aircraft were subsequently ticketed 
and towed from Guam to San Diego
by the Shoup Towing Company of Tucson, Arizona.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Grassroots Dukakis

Thank you sir for pointing out the obvious,
regarding neighboring a major university.
Bravo ! 

The point is sir, the neighborhood and the enforcement agencies
had already arrived at a flexible and common sense truce about the issue
and its painfully obvious solution.

Sir, I believe your efforts and defense of those efforts
are disingenuous.(at best)
Kindly stop your tedious incantation of State and Federal
requisites to anoint your self-righteous personal crusade.
Using disabled Americans to get your way is despicable.

There are also several State Statutes and Regulations
that dictate UCLA MUST continue to grow and there are all manner
of Federal requirements for States, Institutions and Cities to PLAN and EXECUTE
discrete and dedicated Parking Facilities within schemes for expansion.*

* I believe these issues fall under the canopy of Public Policy.

This is a longstanding mission
you have had for the last two years.
The fact is, a member of your family
thinks the parking in the Village is "ugly".
I believe that you sir, have mounted this entire fiasco
to please that family member and exercise your own sense
of personal entitlement.

The Los Angeles City Agency responsible for considering
"complaints" such as yours, has denied your "claim" at least twice
in the last 2 years.

Messrs. Shoup and Dukakis:
Thanks for adding more stress to a neighborhood
that had already "solved" the problem at the grassroots level.

At this point Sir, your family's taste in urban visuals
and your ego are the larger problems in this neighborhood.

Caught on Tape II

Seen here two members
of The UCLA Dukakis-Shoup Project
deeply involved in "research"...
(at California taxpayers' expense.)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Psssssst...Over here!

Oh dear oh dear...just where has Mikey "D" gone....?
Its so quiet around here.
Operatives like Mikey D
expect the citizens will doze off after a battle.
Operatives like Mikey D know that the battle
is not the they wait....and wait.
Operatives like Mikey D expect to win and do not like to be resisted.
do not assume that the stay of execution
on Mikey D's absurd demands signals an end to the problem.
Typically, political types wait until the crowd is fat and happy
or diverted and then they remount their efforts with renewed fervor.
Don't allow this to happen in this instance.
Do not put down your pitchforks...
Pitch in with your neighbors and resist the absurd.

from the cradle to.....

Seen here @ Westwood Veterans' Cemetary
two Shoup-O-Meter Memorial Headstone Meters.
The new headstones are the result of a UCLA study
which determined that citizens, unlike academics' theories
and Parking Meters, simply cannot continue taking up viable space
upon or after expiring.
Rates are $100,000 per eternity ....7 days a week.
snow,park,parking,winter,meters,green,red,white,tennis court,parking lot,icy,cold,fence   






Sunday, February 4, 2007

Is the meter half full or empty?

Seen here Wexler P. Cranston, standing in University Place
with his newly issued Tandem Shoup-O-Meter manufactured by KiddeeCo,
of New Bedford, Mass.
Placing Parking Meters on Valley Way & Queen Streets (image/jpeg)  
The portable unit, which  locks onto the wrist, 
is now mandatory for all residents of Westwood Village.
One unit is for walking, the other unit is for standing still.
Anyone caught walking or standing still in the Village
with an expired Shoup-O-Meter, is subject to ticketing,
towing and a firing squad.
UCLA Professor D. Beemer Shoup, the inventor,
explained to anyone who would listen, that people
just don't understand, that walking or standing around
in a free country is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution. 
The new rates for standing around in your own neighborhood
is mandated at $138.00 per day.

Friday, February 2, 2007


Separated at birth?
Same Fantasy
Same Style

Thursday, February 1, 2007

the silence grows......

Pictured here:
Embarrassed UCLA Chancellor and Regents
desperately pretending not to know
Mikey D's latest absurd  fiasco