Sunday, December 23, 2007

Community Profile

Mikey M.C. "L'il Tank" D
(as played by Count Dukakis)
In crafting his curious performance
of a pompous yet bumbling Iago,
Mr. Dukakis is revealed as having as much to do with
"the people" and their processes...
as Man of La Mancha has to do with the literature of Cervantes.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

FW: Apron Parking Hearing Dec 3

From Evan Gordon

As you know, many neighborhoods face a severe parking shortage, and
sometimes creative solutions must be found. Earlier this year, Councilmember
Jack Weiss introduced a measure to change the city's laws to explicitly
allow parking in the driveway apron in the North Village. This proposal
will be discussed at 11AM on Monday, December 3 at City Hall (200 North
Spring Street, 90012, RM 340). The hearing will include time for public
comment and testimony about the issue, and it would be helpful to the
Committee members to hear firsthand from local residents about the need for
this measure.

If you have questions, please call me.
Evan Gordon
Offices of Councilman Jack Weiss
Council District 5
822 South Robertson Blvd., #102
Los Angeles, CA 90035
310.289.0353 (main)
310.289.0365 (fax)

ucla, usc, uc santa barbara already have deals with flexcar

according to, flexcar is already available to ucla students, with flexcar available in several ucla parking lots.... our streets should be for the public....

steve case, former aol chief's company revolution llc owns flexcar

steve case's company revolution owns flexcar... though
i think it is a very interesting idea and i hope the
company grows and eases congestion, this is a private
company with huge money behind it... they have made
deals with many universities (they should be buying
spaces from ucla), but why take away our parking
spaces?.... they should be buying spaces from private
parking lots in westwood, not taking away our parking

to watch the award winning cnbc documentary on the aol
takeover of time warner, called "the big heist" see
link above.... they should be competing in the
marketplace like every other company

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


the silence grows......

Pictured here:
Embarrassed UCLA Chancellor and Regents,
desperately pretending not to know
ANYTHING  about Mikey D's latest absurd  fiasco...
Note to Mikey D:
Stick to takin' the honest & good folks' money
for your impotent and timelessly irrelevant 
"Rally 'round the Party - Evil Bush - Whatever Happened to ME?" speech.
Feel free to tout the benefits Electroshock all you like,
but Mikey, please don't expect us in Westwood
to favor your delusions with anything but the scorn
due a stuffed shirted Popinjay and his self important nest mate

Fwd: Please Stop ...

August 17, 2007

Dear Mr. Dukakis:

The residents of the North Village surrounding the UCLA campus are
well aware of your efforts to abolish tandem parking. We are
fundamentally opposed to your propositions and are prepared to do
whatever it takes to preserve our right to park the way we have for
thirty plus years.

We find your approach to this situation somewhat back-handed with no
real motive, other than one that may be personal, pleasing your wife
who does not like the way Tandem Parked cars look from a city planning
perspective. Your approach never included a formal town-meeting, or
other public venue that was officially recognized by any City
Municipality. There were student meetings that carried no real weight
in our eyes or the eyes of city officials over-looking this situation.

All sorts of excuses have been brought into the picture, creating an
air of chaos and uncertainty into our community, for one, the issue of
the ADA has been brought up, when in fact there is no issue.
Furthermore solutions to the problem have been suggested that worsen
the case for the ADA issue and completely contradict your arguments.
Instead of Tandem Parking it is suggested that people Parallel Park in
the driveways, this would solve nothing from an ADA perspective. All
of this goes to show that the real issue is not ADA related and more
of a personal motive.

Having researched the history of this situation for the past 4 years,
the residents of this community feel that your continued efforts to
abolish Tandem Parking are harassment. The city itself has dismissed
your requests several times yet Alex Fay and his entourage backed by
yourself and professor Shoup continue to rebel-on. We find this
behavior nothing short of harassment; we ask that you stop this

We have legal teams in position to combat this at a higher more
expensive level if necessary, causing the city, yourself, this
community, a much higher price to pay and increased anger and emotions
that can and should be avoided.

Respectfully yours

North Village Residents

Monday, September 17, 2007

Potential VA Calamity

Hey Roxanne,


I agree. The VA is like a park that separates us from Brentwood. How do we stop this? Is this a federal (Waxman) issue or is this a city issue.


Also, my friend Steve Reasner says that UCLA is planning MORE building on a 1988 Permit without an impact study.  You know anything about this.  Steve, if you get this, could you chime in?  This is about a lot more than apron parking now.




-----Original Message-----
From: Roxane Stern []
Thursday, September 06, 2007 2:01 PM
To: Roxane Stern


In today’s paper there is an announcement about a meeting regarding the VA property!  This is the first notice I received.

  I hope you and your neighbors can attend.  The meeting is open to the public and will run from 5 to 9 pm at the Wadsworth Theatre on the VA campus.

How many times do we have to fight this battle?

It appears that the VA has already entered into agreements with several companies-Enterprise cars, For Entertainment group, Tumbleweed bus company and Breitburn Energy.

They must be stopped.


Roxane Stern

11053 Strathmore Dr

LA CA 90024

310 443 1106


RE: Meeting on parking

Thanks Roxanne,


Keep us abreast of this. 




-----Original Message-----
From: Roxane Stern []
Thursday, September 13, 2007 1:27 PM
To: Roxane Stern
Subject: Meeting on parking


I just heard that North Village parking is going to be on the agenda of the Transportation Committee chaired by Wendy Gruel.

It will be held down town and at this time is scheduled for Sept. 26.

This needs to be confirmed, but wanted to get the story out ASAP.

An SRO crowd is very important and we should be ready to voice our opinions if given the opportunity.




Roxane Stern

11053 Strathmore Dr

LA CA 90024

310 443 1106


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Make the Daily Bruin

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Apron Parking

The ban on apron parking in Westwood will being August 1. Will this improve the parking situation? What are other solutions to the problem? Let us know by calling 310-697-8084, and we'll post your message here.

Related stories:
Apron Parking Package Flash Graphic

Apron parking restricts disabled students
Anthony Pesce | Monday, July 30

Long-term Village residents fight ban
Ben Thaler | Monday, July 30

Influential figures invested in ban
Robert Faturechi | Monday, July 30

Meter system may offer solution
Natalie Edwards | Monday, July 30

Speaks out: Apron Parking Ban
Josh Lehmer, Yvonne Leow | Monday, July 30

Motion to allow apron parking

The ban is expected to be enforced Aug. 1, but apron parking in Westwood may not be a lost cause, because of a brief filed by Los Angeles city councilman Jack Weiss, who supports its legalization.

• The motion proposes to make apron parking legal in Los Angeles, as long as parked cars do not impede access to the sidewalk and street.
• This would allow for compact cars in most spaces, but could prevent larger cars from apron parking.
• The motion will be sent to the city council's transportation committee, and it could be months before it is brought to discussion.
• Even if the committee legalizes apron parking, the city attorney could conclude that apron parking is illegal.
• USAC Facilities commissioner Sherlyn Mossahebfar said petitioning for the motion to pass will be a key part of her agenda in the fall.

SOURCES: Alex Fay, Office of Jack Weiss


Photo by Jessica Lum

Longtime Westwood resident Flint Dille said he tends to avoid political issues, but in order to keep his apron parking spot, he said he had to become a political activist.
Long-term Village residents fight ban
Ben Thaler, Bruin contributor (Contact)
Published: Monday, July 30, 2007
Throughout the last academic year, the North Village was abuzz with student-led petitions and Facebook ads fighting the impending ban on apron parking. Students were successful – to a degree, as a crackdown on apron parking was delayed until at least Aug. 1.

But with the new deadline approaching and summer break in full swing, students have deserted their once-active role in the fight against the apron parking ban.

As a result, the apron parking ban, which will affect approximately 250 cars parked in driveways between the streets and the sidewalk, has primarily become a concern for many of Westwood's long-term residents, who say they rely on the spaces to accommodate visitors and two-car households.

Sherlyn Mossahebfar, the Undergraduate Students Association Council Facilities commissioner who has been involved in the fight against the ban, said students are "jaded by the process."

"Students think they don't have any say against big city politicians," she said.

Alex Fay, a recent graduate who as a student vocally opposed the ban last winter, agrees that students have been apathetic this summer.

He said students tend not to get involved in local affairs unless they own their own property, which makes it hard for representatives to work on their behalf.

The fight against the apron parking ban has now primarily gone to Westwood's long-term residents.

Michael Webb is one long-term resident who will be affected by the apron-parking ban. He said whenever he has guests over, they take an apron parking space on Strathmore.

"Whether the guests are friends over for dinner or the plumbers fixing a leak, I need (apron parking) to accommodate them," Webb said.

Webb's neighbor, Charles Dubow, agrees. He said families with two cars would also be hurt by the ban.

"This doesn't just affect students – it concerns those of us who will stay longer than a couple years," Dubow said.

Many of the long-term residents have taken a position against the ban, but Fay, whose views formerly mirrored the residents, has now tried to take a middle ground.

"There are two camps: people who want nothing to change, and people who acknowledge that something is going to change one way or another," Fay said.

"Whether we like it or not, apron parking is not going to be allowed in its current form, so we should prepare for alternatives," he said.

Fay said he originally pushed for the delay of the apron-parking ban because students renew their leases after the summer, and he did not want his peers to have the rules changed in the middle of the year.

A history of apron parking

Long-term resident Flint Dille is one of the leading opponents of the apron-parking ban.

"About three years ago, we got notes from parking enforcement warning us that we were parking illegally, but the officers themselves told us they didn't want to give us actual tickets," Dille said.

Dille said he didn't take any of the notes seriously until former presidential candidate and visiting UCLA Professor Michael Dukakis came in the picture.

"Dukakis got his class involved, which I think is a misuse of taxpayer money, since we're paying for him to teach," Dille said.

Last fall, Dukakis and urban planning professor Donald Shoup, who is considered a leading expert on parking issues, spearheaded the effort to get rid of apron parking in the North Village on the grounds that it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Enforcement was originally set to begin in November, but was delayed twice until the current deadline of Aug. 1.

Dille said he believed that Dukakis and Shoup were "leveraging students as a classroom assignment to mess with property values."

But Dukakis has remained resolute in his opposition to apron parking.

"Apron parking effectively eliminates one lane from the street so you get all kinds of jam-ups," Dukakis said. "And if I see problems, I deal with them."

Still, some view the efforts of the former Massachusetts governor as obtrusive.

"We've been apron parking for 40 years, and all of a sudden some big-wig comes in and uses his political connections to hurt us," Dille said.

In a response to local frustration with the imminent ban, a North Village resident created a blog called "North Village Parking According to Michael Dukakis." The blog is filled with postings lambasting Dukakis and keeping readers updated on developments.

Excerpts from the blog include poetry mocking Dukakis and his wife, Kitty Dukakis, as well as parodies of news headlines. One headline stated that "Officials have already approved construction of UCLA off-site metered parking lots and much-needed extra storage space for the Dukakis' egos."

Dille said he does not believe Dukakis has any good alternatives for apron parking.

"Dukakis doesn't have a viable solution – except to bring in Flexcar, which would take away even more parking spots in the neighborhood," he said.

Car sharing - solution or hindrance?

Some have proposed the expansion of car-sharing services to alleviate the parking congestion in Westwood.

Flexcar is a car-sharing company that allows its members to pay an annual fee to use a car with a guaranteed parking space.

The service is considered one alternative to alleviate the number of cars in the Westwood area, which would make apron parking less crucial to residents.

Margaret Kemp, the marketing and outreach coordinator for Flexcar L.A., said the 22 vehicles on the UCLA campus have been successful at reducing traffic.

Walter King, the general manager of Flexcar L.A., said he hoped 20-30 vehicles would eventually be available for Westwood apartment residents in order to alleviate the parking crisis.

King acknowledged that several of the proposed Flexcar spaces would have to come from street parking, but said that Flexcar was working with private entities, including a local church, for other spaces.

Fay said implementing Flexcar is a good idea, regardless of what happens with apron parking.

"There is a systemic parking shortage in Westwood, and Flexcar is one viable solution along with permitted parking and new structures," Fay said.

Middle ground

Some residents, such as seven-year North Village resident Roxane Stern, are torn between the two sides in the apron parking debate.

"Some of my neighbors have really attacked Dukakis, and whether or not he's caused us our troubles I don't know, but the fact remains that our legislators will make the decisions," Stern said.

But Stern is also wary about implementing car-sharing in the North Village, because of its cost and use of parking spaces.

"The Flexcar idea hasn't been well-received because it takes away parking spaces from people who live here," Stern said.

In contrast to Fay, who said he believes the summer enforcement date is appropriate because it occurs before most leases are signed, Stern said the date is sneaky.

Since the North Village is filled with temporary and new residents over the summer, she said, they might be oblivious or indifferent to the situation.

The differing viewpoints in the community have made it difficult for Stern to create an organized group.

"It's hard to be cohesive with students gone and neighbors with different approaches," she said.

Students in the summer

Mossahebfar said it has been difficult for students to organize against the ban during the summer.

Many students are currently on summer break, and there has been minimal media coverage about the impending ban.

"This is a dead time for students," Mossahebfar said.

But Mossahebfar said students get excited and involved when there is a widespread effort and lots of publicity.

Last winter, students posted fliers around Westwood, started Facebook groups and collected signatures.

"I got 400 signatures alone during that time," she said.

The Facebook groups, with titles such as "Fight the Ban of Apron Parking!" and "I want to keep my apartment parking spot!" have shown little activity in the past few months.

Mossahebfar said students should realize that, united, they are a powerful force.

She urged students to start lobbying and petitioning to local officials once school starts.

With reports from Robert Faturechi, Bruin senior staff.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Response to the Daily Bruin Article

Anthony… I’m assuming you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes, but it has not escaped our notice that your distraught handicapped person, Victor Pineda, is a Graduate Student in Urban Planning, surprise, surprise, the same department that spawned the whole attack on Apron Parking in the North Village courtesy of Michael Dukakis and, you guessed it, Urban Planning Professor Donald Shoup. To not mention Mr. Pineda’s connection to Shoup in the story damages its credibility.  What was quite possibly an oversight can appear, through skeptical eyes, to be a set-up by the Daily Bruin.


The ADA has never been the real issue here. It is the fact that Kitty Dukakis doesn’t like the way we’re parked and Professors Dukakis and Shoup have been misusing the resources of a taxpayer-funded university to inflict their will on us and damage our property values.  


Their central argument about blocked sidewalks is a straw man. Everybody agrees that a wheelchair should be able to pass down the sidewalks and that cars blocking the sidewalk should be ticketed or towed.  That has never been in question. In fact, cars are ticketed for blocking the sidewalk. 


As to the rest of the ADA claim, it seems that there has been a deliberate attempt to confuse the issue by Shoup and Dukakis given that San Francisco has recently legalized apron parking, therefore they obviously do not believe Apron parking to be an ADA violation.


We agree that it would be nice if the city would fix the sidewalks and provide ramps at the curbs.  We also believe there are a lot of livability issues in Westwood that should be addressed, such as rampant crime. We also believe it would be nice if they fixed the new crime magnet: a graffiti strewn ex-fraternity ruin at the corner of Landfair and Strathmore.


We do not believe that some dubious ADA claim by Shoup (who certainly knows about San Francisco) is anything other than a tool to get their way. 


We also do not see how it can possibly be in UCLA’s interests to arouse the already inflamed neighborhoods surrounding UCLA (take a look at the recall Weiss signs on the lawns – the underlying issue there is in no small part congestion) by having runaway professors making unnecessary enemies.  We have already asked that Michael Dukakis not be invited back to UCLA on our blogsite and are prepared to follow it up with petitions if necessary.

Monday, July 30, 2007

What's Wrong With This Article

You don’t even need to read the entire second paragraph of the Daily Bruin article to see that this one smells funny.  Let’s see who can spot the plant –


Apron parking restricts disabled students

As Victor Pineda navigated the many obstacles to wheelchair users in the Westwood North Village on his way home from a doctor’s appointment he shouted, “I’m trapped in the middle of the street.”

Pineda, a graduate student in urban planning,

Check out the whole article here.


Hint:  Read “Pile of Shoup” or “S**t happens, Shoup is Caused” on this site.



More Good Parking News

I spoke to Evan Gordon today.  The parking enforcement will stay on hold until the motion Jack Weiss submitted is acted upon. He recommended that we be very careful about the rules now-no blocking sidewalk, etc.





Thursday, July 19, 2007

Text of the Motion to the LACC

--------------- MOTION

Many neighborhoods in Los Angeles face a serious parking shortage, especially in neighborhoods that were built when parking requirements were lower than present standards. Creative measures or revisions to the municipal code may be necessary to accommodate the demand for parking.

To maximize parking in a limited area, residents of the North Village in Westwood near UCLA have utilized the driveway apron of their residence for parking for many years. Recently, the City of Los Angeles was advised that it is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to allow motor vehicles to park in the apron and impede passage for pedestrians. Moreover, the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) does not currently permit residents to park in the driveway apron irrespective of whether or not the motor vehicle protrudes into the sidewalk or street.

The California Vehicle Code does allow local municipalities to create ordinances which allow motor vehicles to park in the driveway apron. Given that driveway aprons are of varying sizes, the City should explore amending the LAMC to allow driveway apron parking where such parking ensures adequate access for the disabled by not impeding the sidewalk or street.

I THERFORE MOVE that the Department of Transportation and the City Attorney report to the Transportation Committee on amendments to the municipal code to change the definition of apron parking to allow residents to park in the driveway apron in the North Village and other areas without impeding the sidewalk or street.




Councilmember, 5th District

SECONDED BY: _ July 13, 2007





Monday, July 16, 2007

On to the Next Fiasco

Ever Vigilant

Photo of Royal Dukakis Study Group
Leading U.S. Officials and Los Angeles Police Chief Bratton
on site survey of Mt. Whitney (Elev. 14,480')
The study was begun after Mrs. Dukakis
determined that the Mount Whitney was "ugly"
and failed to conform to accessibility guidelines
in the Americans w/ Disabilities Act.
Plans call  for the site to be bulldozed,
thus making the majestic mountain into a molehill.
Officials have already approved construction
of UCLA off-site metered parking lots
and much needed extra storage space
for the Dukakis' egos.

No Pictures Please........

Los Angeles Politicians,
City Officials
 and UCLA Administrators,
distancing themselves from the
Runanway M/K Dukakis & Shoup
Hijacked Public Policy & Hubris Bandwagon

Request to UCLA - Do Not Bring Michael Dukakis Back

Open Letter to UCLA Administration


Now that Jack Weiss’ office and the city council have decided to explore changing the law to accommodate what has been the reality for last 60 years or so, we find ourselves vindicated.  Of course the battle isn’t over. Dukakis has been at this for nearly three years now.  First it was the stealthy phone call to Chief Bratton, with whom he worked in Boston… Then it was by haranguing parking people, who don’t want to ticket us (they have to function in this neighborhood, too) and finally  he used the resources of UCLA students and Professors, including Donald Shoup (see ‘A Pile of Shoup’ and ‘Sh*t happens, Shoup is Caused’ on our blogsite – ‘A Shoupid Solution’ is coming)…  In short, he’s leveraged the resources of a tax supported university against its neighbors… Apparently, and I’m not making this up, because Kitty Dukakis didn’t like the looks of the way our parking looks.


The actions of Professors Dukakis and Professor Shoup have caused us a great deal of time, anxiety and some expense.  We are not asking the university to reimburse us, and are not, at this point contemplating any legal action, but we are asking UCLA, not to invite Dukakis back.  Certainly, the ‘freak show’ aspects of having Mr. Dukakis on campus have been played out, and certainly UCLA would like to restore good relations with neighbors who have been patient through years of construction, dramatic expansion of the campus (exacerbating Westwood’s parking problems), couch-burning celebratory student parties and the like.


If you would like to have a further discussion of this, please contact us.  If you would be more impressed by a petition, we will happily begin circulating one.


-- Your North Village Neighbors


Saturday, July 14, 2007


i understand that no suv's and trucks will be allowed.  can someone clarify the size restrictions on trucks and suv's, and will they be ticketed if they apron park under these rules?

Ticket This

seen here,
the cause, (ego) 
of Westwood tandem parking fiasco;
apparently tandem parked
for some 50 years or so...


Oh dear oh dear...just where has Mikey "D" gone....?
Its so quiet around here.
Operatives like Mikey D
expect the citizens will doze off after a battle.
Operatives like Mikey D know that the battle
is not the they wait....and wait.
Operatives like Mikey D expect to win and do not like to be resisted.
do not assume that the stay of execution
on Mikey D's absurd demands signals an end to the problem.
Typically, political types wait until the crowd is fat and happy
or diverted and then they remount their efforts with renewed fervor.
Don't allow this to happen in this instance.
Do not put down your pitchforks...
Pitch in with your neighbors and resist the absurd.


Friday, July 13, 2007

WE WON !!!

--------------- MOTION

Many neighborhoods in Los Angeles face a serious parking shortage, especially in neighborhoods that were built when parking requirements were lower than present standards. Creative measures or revisions to the municipal code may be necessary to accommodate the demand for parking.

Tomaximize parking in a limited area, residents of the North Village in Westwood near UCLA have utilized the driveway apron of their residence for parking for many years. Recently, the City of Los Angeles was advised that it is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to allow motor vehicles to park in the apron and impede passage for pedestrians. Moreover, the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) does not currently permit residents to park in the driveway apron irrespective of whether or not the motor vehicle protrudes into the sidewalk or street.

The California Vehicle Code does allow local municipalities to create ordinances which allow motor vehicles to park in the driveway apron. Given that driveway aprons are of varying sizes, the City should explore amending the LAMC to allow driveway apron parking where such parking ensures adequate access for the disabled by not impeding the sidewalk or street.

I THERFORE MOVE that the Department of Transportation and the City Attorney report to the Transportation Committee on amendments to the municipal code to change the definition of apron parking to allow residents to park in the driveway apron in the North Village and other areas without impeding the sidewalk or street.




Councilmember, 5th District

SECONDED BY: _ July 13, 2007




Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jack Weiss Betrays Us - Join the Recall

Having not hears from Jack Weiss or any of his lieutenants, the news of yesterday stands – especially given that our babysitter (who also relies on the apron parking and is five months pregnant) talked to a parking enforcement officer who said they would be ticketing on August 1st, but don’t want to.


I, for one, will be joining the Jack Weiss recall effort.


I suggest in the next couple weeks you tune into the John and Ken Show as we are planning some amusing public events to highlight this. 


I’ll also be posting an incredibly racist interview with Jack Weiss on the Blog and at the appropriate moment be forwarding both the edited and unedited version of it to African American leaders in Los Angeles.  (I might wait until the Tennie Pierce thing heats up again). We’ve got two pretty good mailing lists. One from church and the other from Aristotle Industries. 


Jack Weiss has played Roulette with us. 


We’ve lost the parking fight… and he’s about to lose a career.

Monday, July 9, 2007

FW: Apron Parking



I’m hoping this is inaccurate.




-----Original Message-----
From: Roxane Stern []
Monday, July 09, 2007 10:19 AM
To: Roxane Stern
Subject: Apron Parking


This information is correct as of July 9, 2007 and it comes from Evan Gordon in Jack Weiss’s office


Apron parking ban will go into effect August 1

Notices will be placed on cars before enforcement begins

Weiss’s office is working on an alternative plan (whatever that is) for the village with the council and city attorney


Stay tuned….


Roxane Stern

11053 Strathmore Dr

LA CA 90024

310 443 1106


Parking Ban Lifted During Re-evaluation Period

Jack Weiss’ Office has come through again while they re-evaluate the parking situation. As Mike’s letter (several docs down) suggests, they saw through Professor Donald Shoup’s phony ADA argument.  So that we might remember, this argument is phony on two grounds:  1)  We do not block the sidewalks and agree that cars blocking the sidewalk (not allowing 3 feet for a wheelchair to pass) should be ticketed and 2) many of the sidewalks in the neighborhood are impassible for a variety of reasons including the steep angles of the hills and the poor condition of the sidewalks themselves.


Also, the argument that we’re violating federal laws by parking on the aprons is phony on its face given that San Francisco has legalized apron parking.  Let’s push forward and end this issue once and for all.  Apron Parking is a way of life in Westwood. It is not a perfect solution, but it serves the most people the best way and inconveniences others the least of all the alternatives. 


We are also going to pass around a petition asking UCLA not to invite Michael Dukakis back this winter. Not only has he made a great deal of trouble for all of us, students and neighbors alike, but his arrogance and ignorance are appalling. The Arrogance of ‘let them take the bus’ and the ignorance of ‘it will only affect 200 people…’  Now let’s see, if 200 people are filling the spaces on the street, how many people won’t be able to come and go during the course of the day, and that’s not even counting CARSCAM or FLEXSCAM or whatever it is called and the spaces it will take up. And we haven’t even begun talking about the numerous service people, gardeners, painters, mail people, delivery people, electricians, cable companies, etc. that routinely park on the aprons.


We also need to find out whether Shoup is tenured and what the cost of knowingly misrepresenting the facts to carry out a personal agenda can be.  This guy is bad news.  Somebody else wrote lots about that on the site.


Below are various bits of Flint’s correspondence with Beverly in Jack Weiss’ office for our records.




Thanks Beverly. 


To be honest your letter of December 18th didn’t say anything about ticketing us in the Summer or any other time (see below). We thought it was a permanent arrangement, so we let down our guard believing the issue was over.


We knew that Dukakis and his lackeys, Alex Faye and Professor Shoup were busy causing mischief and spreading confusion, but we felt we had an agreement with you and Jack Weiss.  You might remember the note we sent, thanking you and also note that I managed to persuade John Kobylt to praise Jack on his radio show for doing the right thing.  We felt the issue was officially concluded.


We don’t know what Dukakis’ issue is, but CARFLEX is no solution for us. In fact, we smell a scam. We had a number of alternative suggestions which seem to have been ignored by Mr. Dukakis and his minions. 


We ignored Alex Faye’s phony organization (for a time, he acted like a sympathetic mole in our group so we quickly learned to distrust him) and are very curious about whether he works for the City Council and how and why he got the job and what capacity he has been acting in and when.


We don’t want a fight. We’re real people with real lives. Some of us are elderly. Some of us have health impairments. Some of us have children who have to be shuttled around. We are diverse in terms of age, income, gender, race and national origin. We are your neighbors all year round. We are not visiting dilettante meddlers, opportunistic students or ideological whackos.


We have no interest in being part of an urban planning experiment conducted by the disingenuous Professor Shoup and resent having our tax dollars used by treacherous characters  to complicate our lives, waste our time and damage our property values.  We all know that the ADA argument is phony (look at the legalization of apron parking in San Francisco).


Frankly, I think Dukakis has played all of us for chumps for God knows what financial or twisted psychological reason.  


As you have probably seen, I challenged Dukakis to a debate on the radio and he weaseled out of it (an article about it is linked on the Drudge Report right now).  He knows he wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny today on this issue any better than he stood up to it back in ’88.  It is hard to read his letter, or the so-called Dukakis Project Report and see anything other than the work of pompous, delusional would-be tyrants.


Frankly, we have no beef with Jack Weiss. We’re not part of the recall and you will notice that we’ve remained focused on Dukakis and our issue which admittedly is very small in the grand scheme of things, but very big to us.


Let us please put an end to this, today and drive these jerks back into their holes and let everybody proceed with their lives.












Original Letter from December:


Thank you for contacting Councilmember Weiss regarding parking in the North Village.  Our office understands that there has been a shortage of parking in this area for many years, which has resulted in cars parking in the aprons of driveways and on the public right of way. 


Recently, the City was advised to comply with federal law requiring access for people with disabilities (ADA) and must enforce existing municipal codes that do not allow parking on sidewalks. 


Given the extreme shortage of parking, and acknowledging that the majority of residents in this area are UCLA students, Councilmember Weiss has asked to defer some of the ticketing.  This request for deferment would not include cars parked in the apron of a driveway encroaching onto the sidewalk or into the street beyond parked cars. Cars parked in this manner would be aggressively ticketed.  Sidewalks must not be blocked, and parked cars must not prevent the passage of emergency vehicles in the roadway.


In the meantime, Councilmember Weiss will continue to consult with the City Attorney and other City staff to seek future solutions to address the City’s legal responsibilities and the legitimate concerns of the residents in the North Village area.  Our office will also keep you posted on any developments in the next few weeks. 


If you have any questions, please call 310.289.0353.



Beverly A. Kenworthy

District Director & Planning Deputy

Council District 5

Councilmember Jack Weiss

822 S. Robertson Blvd.,  Ste. 102

Los Angeles, CA 90035


310.289.0365 fax



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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 5:25 PM
To: Flint Dille
Cc: Evan Gordon; Fortuna Ippoliti
Subject: Re: FW: Ticketing starts on July 1!




My colleague, Evan Gordon, is working on this issue.  I have copied him on this email.  The letter you are referring to was only an immediate measure and prevented the ticketing for the remainder of the school year.  Our office will continue to work with you and the students.  You can reach Evan at 310.289.0353.





Beverly A. Kenworthy

Senior Planning Deputy

Council District Five

Temporary Contact Information

200 N. Spring Street, Rm 440

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 473-7005 - phone

(213) 978-2250 - fax



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>>> "Flint Dille" <> 6/12/2007 8:01 AM >>>

Jack. Beverly,




Please give me your assurances that the following memo isn't true and that

you are living by your letter of last December saying that there will not be

ticketing unless we block the sidewalks or hang too far into the streets.

This plan, put forward by Mr. Dukakis, Professor Shoup and some ambitious

disciples will greatly hurt the lives and property values of many people in

all walks of life.  I have no idea what CARFLEX is, but it sounds like a





Believe me. If we get tickets. It will get very ugly for all of us. 




Very ugly. For all of us.




Flint Dille




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Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 7:40 AM


Subject: Fw: Ticketing starts on July 1!






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From: Jean-Louis <>  Rodrigue


To: ; 'Rick <>  Baum' ;

Susan Lieberman <>  ; ; ; Charles

<>  Dubow ; ;



Cc: Sina Bolour <>  (Verizon)


Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 10:27 PM


Subject: Ticketing starts on July 1!




Dear Villa Campana Neighbors,




Kristof and I attended the  meeting regarding apron parking last Thursday.


The meeting was attended by roughly 30 people, mostly property owners and


renters in the area.  I believe 4 students were present.  This meeting was


 organized by Alex,  a UCLA graduate now working for the City council and



cronies from the famous class inspired by Dukakis.  A representative from


the Transportation Department was there to announce that they will enforce


the apron parking law starting JULY 1.   The alternatives they presented



the master brain child of this class project, mainly CARFLEX ( a rental


car service) and parking permits for residents (this process will take at

least 6


months to institute).  They did not have any immediate solutions.




In order to get the parking permits instituted, we need to petition with



for at least six blocks.  This is a slow process but a  possibility in the

long run.


For now we are stuck with a parking nightmare for us and our friends and





Weiss is completely out of the picture since he is not up for re-election.




Respectfully submitted,


Jean-Louis and Kristof






Jean-Louis Rodrigue

AlexanderTech Works

PO Box 3194

Beverly Hills, CA 90212


310-443-4483 fax




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