Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jack Weiss Betrays Us - Join the Recall

Having not hears from Jack Weiss or any of his lieutenants, the news of yesterday stands – especially given that our babysitter (who also relies on the apron parking and is five months pregnant) talked to a parking enforcement officer who said they would be ticketing on August 1st, but don’t want to.


I, for one, will be joining the Jack Weiss recall effort. 





I suggest in the next couple weeks you tune into the John and Ken Show as we are planning some amusing public events to highlight this. 


I’ll also be posting an incredibly racist interview with Jack Weiss on the Blog and at the appropriate moment be forwarding both the edited and unedited version of it to African American leaders in Los Angeles.  (I might wait until the Tennie Pierce thing heats up again). We’ve got two pretty good mailing lists. One from church and the other from Aristotle Industries. 


Jack Weiss has played Roulette with us. 


We’ve lost the parking fight… and he’s about to lose a career.

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