Monday, July 2, 2007

No More Fayek Solutions

It should be obvious to everybody by now that Cashflex or Flexcon or whatever it is called, is no solution to our parking problems.  It wasn’t really intended to be. Rather, it’s a typical ‘Shoupy’ (s**ty) idea that makes the problem worse and makes money for the city and… and… (frankly we don’t know who else… Which is what makes us suspicious.)


While there will be plenty of time to explore the motives of those behind ‘The Dukakis Project’ and recommend appropriate actions to UCLA and The City, it is time to get past the Fayek Solution (Fayek is another new word for the lexicon meaning phony organization or solution to a problem designed to ram through an agenda) for us to put real solutions on the table…


… Solutions that allow everybody, students, residents, the city to come out of this better than when we went into it.


Ping ideas… old and new to the mailing list and website and we’ll begin posting them for our July meeting. 

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