Monday, July 16, 2007

Request to UCLA - Do Not Bring Michael Dukakis Back

Open Letter to UCLA Administration


Now that Jack Weiss’ office and the city council have decided to explore changing the law to accommodate what has been the reality for last 60 years or so, we find ourselves vindicated.  Of course the battle isn’t over. Dukakis has been at this for nearly three years now.  First it was the stealthy phone call to Chief Bratton, with whom he worked in Boston… Then it was by haranguing parking people, who don’t want to ticket us (they have to function in this neighborhood, too) and finally  he used the resources of UCLA students and Professors, including Donald Shoup (see ‘A Pile of Shoup’ and ‘Sh*t happens, Shoup is Caused’ on our blogsite – ‘A Shoupid Solution’ is coming)…  In short, he’s leveraged the resources of a tax supported university against its neighbors… Apparently, and I’m not making this up, because Kitty Dukakis didn’t like the looks of the way our parking looks.


The actions of Professors Dukakis and Professor Shoup have caused us a great deal of time, anxiety and some expense.  We are not asking the university to reimburse us, and are not, at this point contemplating any legal action, but we are asking UCLA, not to invite Dukakis back.  Certainly, the ‘freak show’ aspects of having Mr. Dukakis on campus have been played out, and certainly UCLA would like to restore good relations with neighbors who have been patient through years of construction, dramatic expansion of the campus (exacerbating Westwood’s parking problems), couch-burning celebratory student parties and the like.


If you would like to have a further discussion of this, please contact us.  If you would be more impressed by a petition, we will happily begin circulating one.


-- Your North Village Neighbors


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