Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fwd: Please Stop ...

August 17, 2007

Dear Mr. Dukakis:

The residents of the North Village surrounding the UCLA campus are
well aware of your efforts to abolish tandem parking. We are
fundamentally opposed to your propositions and are prepared to do
whatever it takes to preserve our right to park the way we have for
thirty plus years.

We find your approach to this situation somewhat back-handed with no
real motive, other than one that may be personal, pleasing your wife
who does not like the way Tandem Parked cars look from a city planning
perspective. Your approach never included a formal town-meeting, or
other public venue that was officially recognized by any City
Municipality. There were student meetings that carried no real weight
in our eyes or the eyes of city officials over-looking this situation.

All sorts of excuses have been brought into the picture, creating an
air of chaos and uncertainty into our community, for one, the issue of
the ADA has been brought up, when in fact there is no issue.
Furthermore solutions to the problem have been suggested that worsen
the case for the ADA issue and completely contradict your arguments.
Instead of Tandem Parking it is suggested that people Parallel Park in
the driveways, this would solve nothing from an ADA perspective. All
of this goes to show that the real issue is not ADA related and more
of a personal motive.

Having researched the history of this situation for the past 4 years,
the residents of this community feel that your continued efforts to
abolish Tandem Parking are harassment. The city itself has dismissed
your requests several times yet Alex Fay and his entourage backed by
yourself and professor Shoup continue to rebel-on. We find this
behavior nothing short of harassment; we ask that you stop this

We have legal teams in position to combat this at a higher more
expensive level if necessary, causing the city, yourself, this
community, a much higher price to pay and increased anger and emotions
that can and should be avoided.

Respectfully yours

North Village Residents

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