Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yo Jack...Reality Check

Dignitaries included (back row) Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Brian Williams, Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss, (front row) Chancellor Albert Carnesale, State Assemblyman Paul Koretz, County of Los Angeles Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and UC Student Regent Tracy Davis, a UCLA doctoral student.
When you are done with the feel good pix,
when you are done entertaining the Dukakis' hubris,
when you get down to it:
Mikey and Shoup have tenure due to the bad judgement of UCLA;
You sir, do not.
Kindly represent the majority affected by this nonsense.
If  Mr & Mrs. Dukakis do not like the way
we handle our neigborhood they can move.
If Messrs. Dukaki & Shoup are cynical enough
 to use students (who NEED Masters' projects)
in order to "get their way", do not attempt to legitamize them; 
kindly remember who put YOU in office.
This upcoming "meeting" is a disgrace,
 and you should be ashamed at even entertaining the notion of it.
The Dukakis' are self-anointed Brahmins who are USED
to getting their way by hook or by crook.
Kindly tell them you(we) have higher standards out here.
Think Elections Jack

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