Wednesday, August 3, 2011

May 23, 2011
Citizens for Preservation of the North Village
Sina Bolour
10961 Strathmore Drive
Los Angeles CA 90024
Tracy Dudman
University of California, Los Angeles
1060 Veteran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095
RE: Glenrock Lanfair proposed redevelopment
Dear Ms Dudman:
We in the North Village appreciate your efforts working with us on the proposed redevelopment of buildings in the North Village.
Recently an event has sparked curiosity on our part in the way UCLA handles North Village Issues, such as parking.
As you know there is a severe shortage of parking spaces in the North Village that seriously impacts the lifestyle of its residents.
On Friday May 20th 2011 at 8:00 AM you visited 10963 Strathmore Drive to inspect the story poles from the backyard of the property neighboring the Glenrock driveway. Because it was street cleaning day (Friday), you spent ten minutes looking for a parking space but could not find one and then opted to park in the driveway, against parking regulations for that day. Apron parking is a way of life in the North Village but all residents know (and you were informed prior to parking) that on Friday it is not permitted due to street cleaning.
We ask that as Senior Planner for UCLA Campus and Environmental Planning, UCLA Capital Programs that you design these redevelopments with adequate parking for the neighborhood, so that issues of parking which you experienced firsthand on 5/20/11 at 8:00 AM be mitigated. Parking is an issue that UCLA has created in the North Village and we feel that parking issues should be resolved as part of any redevelopment plan.
We would like to see UCLA build public parking structures for the neighborhood as part of the Glenrock Landfair residential redevelopment plan, and would like to see such a plan proposed to the Regents and the Community. We hope that your recent experience in the North Village gives you a firsthand account of how important parking is to North Village residents.
Yours Truly
Residents of the North Village
cc: Chancellor Gene Block & Company

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