Friday, February 24, 2012

RE: Potential Next Steps

joe and all,
this really sucks, big time. unfortunately, i just had my chemo infusion yesterday and am in the down phase of my cycle for the next week or so. but this needs to be dealt with quickly. i have noticed that there have lately been numerous violations of the "no blocking sidewalks" rule on levering, landfair, and the adjacent blocks of strathmore. so someone needs to remind landlords and frat houses on these streets to warn their residents not to block sidewalks. that's the big issue that causes prof. shoup to go ballistic about wheel-chair access.
At 11:12 AM 2/23/2012, Joe Schiro wrote:
Hi Flint,
Last night five of us were ticketed for apron parking.  Explanation on my ticket reads � PARKED ON SIDEWALK/ UA NA SAFETY HAZARD PHOTO TAKEN�  My car was only 2-3 inches into the driveway. 
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