Friday, June 22, 2007

Dear neighbors...Please GET IT

For those who feel Mr Dukakis is an upright fellow
deserving of inclusion in this process;
PLEASE read all the posts on this blog
before you bleed out for this guy.
This is America, we ought be able, if not honour bound,
to resist dishonesty and manipulation of the public will,
anytime anywhere.
The ADA argument is juvenile and inaccurate.
There are all manner of waivers and exceptions
and Mr Dukakis knows it.
The truth is, there is no problem or pressure greater
than the ability of the neighborhood and the Police to ease it.
The BEST solution is the one in place...DUH!
The Dukakis family has brought all of this down upon our Village
for vain and dysfunctional reasons.
I have no problem with those posts that remind us of the one truth in all of this:
Mr Dukakis is a manipulative weasel seeking to win at any cost,
regardless of truth, reality and common sense.
But that has been available for all to see for 20 years.
Wake Up Villagers
There is no problem but the Dukakis' Ego.

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