Thursday, June 14, 2007

hey mike try the electro shock



     I think the time for debate is over.
Oh Well then Mike,
as long as you are in agreement
with yourselves...
I guess that's that...
oh, and....not to mention,
you might have to answer to the question of whether you and your wife have brought down this nonsense on us in service to her O.C.D.
(Remember, there are those to whom you have each spoken on this matter, well before the year you reference.
Now that they have seen what this is really about, they cannot wait to remind you and your wife of the REAL motivation for this travesty.)
Professor Shoup and I and others have been discussing this thing for over a year. 
Good Grammar Mike
next time have your wife proofread this drivel.
The others you reference are bunch of starry eyed students being abused by two academic narcissists  
Apron parking is illegal under Federal, state and local law for obvious reasons. It is not defacto illegal on any of these levels.
Charity Raffles are illegal,
but there they are
Church Bingo is  illegal, but there it is;
carpetbagging wannabe's oughta be...but here you are!
None of the above pontifications on THE LAW are true per se, and you know it.
Your job-- and the job of all of us-- is to come up with constructive ways to accommodate the people who have a genuine need for parking spaces on the street.
Thanks Mike, your wife tells you...
and then you tell us...niiice.
Can you say "Holy Freud?"
Your job-- apparently,
is to be a pompous ass;
well done.
You can go back to giving your pitiful "guess who I was before my wife discovered electricity" Speeches.
 Both Professor Shoup and I have already suggested a number of them-- parking parallel to the apron on the street with the permission of the property owner, something that is already being done in other California communities; permit parking on the street, something which is very common in other university communities; a limited number of reserved parking spaces for zipcars and related kinds of vehicles that can be rented temporarily by residents who do not need a car full time-- and there may be others. Feel free to get in touch with him directly. He knows more about parking than anybody in America.
Again, Mike... re: Shoup "knows more than anyone re: Parking..."
who says so?
you have used this inaccurate and stupid sobriquet for 2 years now,
it is as trite and ridiculous as your
view of the democratic process.
 Mike, if you actually wrote this response to Flint.....
whoa dude...try the electro-shock,
it might just help turn that involuntary narcissism into part-time or at least voluntary narcissism.

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