Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shoup and Dukakis Soup ...




     I think the time for debate is over. Professor Shoup and I and others have been discussing this thing for over a year.  Apron parking is illegal under Federal, state and local law for obvious reasons. Your job-- and the job of all of us-- is to come up with constructive ways to accommodate the people who have a genuine need for parking spaces on the street. Both Professor Shoup and I have already suggested a number of them-- parking parallel to the apron on the street with the permission of the property owner, something that is already being done in other California communities; permit parking on the street, something which is very common in other university communities; a limited number of reserved parking spaces for zipcars and related kinds of vehicles that can be rented temporarily by residents who do not need a car fulltime-- and there may be others. Feel free to get in touch with him directly. He knows more about parking than anybody in America.


     We are not going to resolve this problem on talk radio. And we are talking about a total of two hundred cars that are currently parking illegally. Most of them belong to students and will disappear, once the law is enforced.


                                                                                                                                           Mike Dukakis


 Ummmmm … excuse me if the 200 cars are parked illegally, then why are they not being ticketed now or in the past 30 years ?  If it is ONLY 200 cars why the big deal ?  Zip Cars Rentals, who is paying for the rental ?  No good alternative has ever been suggested !  It is a LOT more than 200 cars because Tendem parking is a  WAY OF LIFE in the North Village, comers and goers use the scarce spaces as ways to sustain life in this congested community !



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