Friday, June 15, 2007

Dukakis' Wrecks

King Emperor George V and Queen Empress Mary at the 1911 Delhi Durbar

Yes Your Majesties NoYour Majesties

"Yes, Your Majesties,
No, Your Majesties,
Give Us A Kick If You Will,
Your Majesties.."
Thanks Again Mike & Kitty !
Can't tell ya
how much we appreciate you
flattening our home equity
and disrupting the 'hood
with your cynical meddling.
You two are more fun 
than an earthquake..
well done, you two odd & crazy kidz!
While you are busy
Hijacking our Local Government
and playing with our lives....
perhaps you could take a moment 
to jot down any other little things
that offend your Highness' taste.
If you are just too too busy,
you could have your
Junior Assistant West Coast Promotion Man,
Prince Alex,
tell us
what we,
of the lower castes, 
can do
to makeover our neighborhood
in your images,
and thereby please you more.
Note to Jack Weiss
from a politically polarized district:
Get it right..
this fiasco has legs
will no doubt follow you
in your next campaign effort.
Mikey has a history of fixing history

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