Monday, January 1, 2007

At Last !

La Grande Roue
Seen here is the Newest Design
for the Dukakis Parking Wheel.
With monies from the
ADA Rapid Response First Strike Fund,
The Dukakis Project has just completed
its15 minute study of the problem
and has issued its long awaited
Papal Bull on the solution.
The City of Los Angeles,
in an effort to fall all over itself,
has agreed to table all other considerations,
until the ADA mandated
project is completed.



The Dukakis Group
has begun implementing the first stages of the
Westwood Village
Parking Accommodation
Master Auto De-exacerbation Plan.
The Dukakis Plan,
with full support of UCLA Parking Professor
Donald "Beemer" Shoup and Chief O'Police Bratton,
calls for the Installation of 56 of these Parking Wheels
throughout the Residential Grid of Westwood Village
at a cost of $11,000,000,000.
The City intends to raise the funds
by imposing a new seni annaul 100% Equity Tax,
on property owners in the Village.
UCLA Fraternities,
and Part-Time Personnel will be exempted
Groundbreaking will begin the moment
Mrs. Dukakis sets foot in Westwood.
The Construction Company of Dukakis, Dukakis & Disney,
a Rhode Island based firm,
will be the Primary Contractors.

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