Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Caught on tape !!
At a secret Mountain Hideaway
carved into Mt. Whitney
at 14,000' elevation.
Governor Schwarzenegger,
Los Angeles City Council,
Regents of UCLA,
Mikey and Kat Dee,
Professor Shoup,
(and the Shoupettes),
Los Angeles City Attorney,
Police Chief O'Bratton,
Mayor V,
and delegates from every
Concrete & Parking Lot Contractor
on the Planet;
meeting in super secret session
to discuss strategies and tactics
to be implemented in a media barrage 
designed to speak-shift
100% of the blame*
onto the victims of the crime,
and consequences 
for the disastrous results
 UCLA's irresponsible
over development,
Professor Shoup's gift
for the obvious,
Kitty's taste,
Mike's ego,
cynical political manipulation
of the process ,
while shamelessly exploiting 
disabled human beings
in order to "just Win Baby." ~~ )
...while at the same time
 devaluing  thevictims'properties,
needlessly distressing thousands 
throughout entire neighborhoods;
further penalizing them
with selective prosecutions
...all to satisfy the egos of 
2 part-time residents. 
The meeting was made public
only after being raided by the 
Mountain Assault & Enforcement
who were called in apparently
by none other than Mrs. D !
(she has the crack team
 on speed dial.)
She later confirmed:
"she was upset at the ugliness
of cars tandem parked
at the overburdened
 super secret meeting place
parking lot."

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