Monday, January 1, 2007

Barefoot in the Parking Lot

Never open a show in L.A

"Barefoot In the Parking Lot"
(West Coast Revival)
Song and Dance by L.A. District Attorney
Libretto &Music by K. Dickson
Produced, Directed & Orchestrated by by Michael Dukakis
I imagine about now,
The Chief O' Police
The Right Honourable etc etc & so forth Bratton
is wishin' he'd never picked up the call from Mikey D.
(Images may or may not be accurate or up to date)
Professor Shoup
Donald Shoup on a bicycle.
played by Don T. Park-Thayer
will no doubt win the coveted  "Who Me? Award;
for managing to take California Taxpayers' money for his salary,
yet somehow not bothering to share his Grand Pooh-Bah of Parking expertise,
or his vast knowledge of enforceable sanctions against institutions,
with the one true offender in this scenario;his employer,
Alex "Newcomer" Faye
(played by himself ?) 
comes closest to delivering.
But alas, he is but a promising actor
who has now attached his star
to a wagon wheel
and been left holding the bag
to cover for the real troublemaker
of this disastrous play without a play.
Mikey M.C. "L'il Tank" D
(as played by Count Dukakis)
In crafting his curious performance
of a pompous yet bumbling Iago,
Mr. Dukakis is revealed as having as much to do with
"the people" and their processes...
as Man of La Mancha has to do with the literature of Cervantes.
The Actual Residents of Westwood Village
(played by the actual residents of Westwood Village)
A bravura performance, given the theatrical and systemic
lack of humanity, vision or integrity exhibited by the director.
Crowdsley Bothers

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