Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moved all the way from Boston can't get rid of him !

Whoever is posting this stuff really understands the Dukakis style.
As a former Bay Staters who had to endure the Dukakis Mystique TWICE,
we can tell you that the "BOOM" times he engineered were based on flim flam public works projects and fat contracts for his frinds.

When he(They) left to pretend to run for the Presidency,
(a horrifying testament to the weaknesses within the Democratic Party at the time)
Massachusetts "Miracle" fell flat on its face and the State faced the largest deficit in its history.
The Dukakis' love to meddle and are adept at abusing the system.

I hope we (Villagers)can face down this partnership.

He is very good at "fixing" fights. They make sure they win
by avoiding the public process as much as possible.

We thought we had left them behind when we moved here in '89.

Someone needs to explain to us, exactly WHY does the Village need any MORE input from these two?

thanks for painting an accurate picture of them.

Former Bostonian



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