Monday, January 1, 2007

Tanks but No Tanks

Dear Mike & Kitty:
Thanks for your kind offer to form a Neighborhood Organization.
A. Your Arrogance is only equaled by your narcissism
B. Your cynicism is unequaled
C. This is Los Angeles,
     we know a hyped personality when we see one.
     Remember Mike,
this is a movie town,
the images only look 25 
    feet tall on the screen.
    Careers fail when the hyped
begin to believe they are real.
    Being a Politician and all,
we would have thought you knew this
D. In this town we know a star when we see one or make one.
E. Being in a Neighborhood Organization would seem to require
     that one actually be one. (Neighbor)  
F.So, kindly repack your carpetbags and beat the Winter 
   within the pale of some other warm weather community.

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