Sunday, December 10, 2006

Apron Parking

Councilman Weiss,


This morning I received a WARNING that my vehicle was illegally parked and that in the future it would result in a parking violation. I have been a property owner in the North Village for 29 years and at the time my residence was built (70 + years ago) one garage plus street parking was adequate. Unfortunately over the years high density building development, approved by the city, to accommodate the University of California has substantially changed things. To accommodate this situation apron parking has been permitted for many, many years, before I became a resident of the North Village. It now seems that a part time resident with political clout wants to exacerbate an already trying situation without the foresight to offer any workable solution or alternative.


As my councilman I am looking to you to protect my long held rights as a permanent resident of the North Village as well as my property value. One space for a three bedroom family residence is not adequate.


Lets work together to find mutually satisfactory solutions to our parking problem and not exacerbate the situation by blindly following an ill considered response offered by someone who has no clue to its ramifications.




Edward W. Meyer


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