Friday, December 29, 2006

Plausible Peacocks

Advice to a Fanless Dancer   
il Principe
Why bother
being informed?
Why bother at all with that 
Democracy & Process thing?
Why not
just petulantly point out the apparent,
and with a painful to watch,
yet inexplicable arrogance*,
* (that engrosses reasonable folk
to stare in amazement;
as they might in watching
a train wreck in progress.)
demand Draconian Punishments
to be exacted from 
the Victims of a State Crime...
further corrupt the difficult relationship
between a Behemoth Institution
and its Neighbors...
put needless pressure
on an already overburdened Public Agenda....
usurp the Spirit of A Holiday Season...
and divide a longstanding
organic community,
while at the same time,
depriving it of its charm and dignity?
For Extra Credit:
Do all of the above without constituency or mandate;
taking care to use Students
 to assist you in your personal tilds.
To be perfect
at the Political Science of Cynicism;
why not lay low for a month,
thus positioning yourself
for a grand entrance
Voice of Reason and Sanity?
you did?
and you are ?
WoW..You are Good!
Oh well then...
Quite a piece of work this peacock.
In his own words, a coalition builder;
a broker of consensi in a Democracy.

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