Monday, December 11, 2006

C'mon Mikey ...tell the truth

Thank you sir for pointing out the obvious
regarding neighboring a major university.
Bravo ! 

The point is sir, the neighborhood and the enforcement agencies had already arrived
at a flexible and common sense truce about the issue and its painfully obvious solution.

Sir, I believe your efforts and defense of those efforts are disingenuous.
Kindly stop your tedious incantation of State and Federal requisites
to anoint your self-righteous personal crusade.

There are also several State Statutes and Regulations that dictate UCLA MUST continue to grow
and there are all manner of Federal requirements for States, Institutions and Cities to
PLAN and EXECUTE discrete and dedicated Parking Facilities within schemes for expansion.*

* I believe these issues fall under the canopy of Public Policy.

This is a longstanding mission you have had for the last two years.
The fact is, a member of your family thinks the parking in the Village is "ugly".
I believe that you sir, have mounted this entire fiasco to please that family member
and exercise your own sense of personal entitlement.

The Los Angeles City Agency responsible for considering "complaints" such as yours,
has denied your "claim" at least twice in the last 2 years.

Messrs. Shoup and Dukakis:
Thanks for adding more stress to a neighborhood
that had already "solved" the problem at the grassroots level.

At this point Sir, your family's taste in urban visuals and your ego
are the larger problems in this neighborhood

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