Friday, December 8, 2006

Enforcement of Apron Parking

I am a property owner in the North Village (Midvale near Landfair) and as long as I have owned this property, which is 25 years, the city has not enforced the ban against apron parking.  Everyone has understood that the North Village is unique to this city because it is highly congested and there are no viable alternatives to the cars parking in this manner.  Now that we are being told that this type of parking will not be allowed effective January 1, I have spoken with all the involved parties (the councilmember's office, UCLA, DOT) and I realize that we, as owners, have no pull in changing their policy.  The reason is because the threat of liability exposure, particularly regarding ADA issues, is too precarious for anyone to oppose, because they would then become liable themselves.  I understand this, although I don't agree with it, but it means that we need to concentrate our efforts on what we can do to change their minds.
All my life experience tells me that the only thing that can work is for everyone -- students, owners, and caring individuals -- to stand together in a powerful manner.  We need to galvanize our people in a show of support, one that is strong enough that cannot be ignored by the people who are too scared to take on liability issues.  If we all stand together, we at least have a chance to be heard.  I would welcome ideas on what form you feel is most appropriate and most effective. 
Those of us who have experienced non-violent activism know that it can be a powerful tool for change -- let's stand up and make sure that we make our voices heard.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post, we like stories like yours, we will keep you posted on all the happenings, we will be requestiing a hearing from the City, we will invite Michael Dukakis and UCLA to the meeting. Meanwhile Happy Parking and Happy Holidays, email us your address at if you know of anyone else in the area that may be interested in this topic let us know.