Monday, December 18, 2006

Gloss Weiss

Thank You Councilman Weiss:
You mention that recently, the CITY was ADVISED
they must comply with ADA requirements.
Who was the advisor and/or at who's behest?
Are there any sanctions for UCLA having expanded without required/proper parking plans?
Mr. Weiss, let's be clear, we are ALL at this impasse because for two years 
Mr. Dukakis's wife made it clear to all who would listen,
that she found the Village Tandem parking  to be "ugly."
The ADA cover is simply a tool used by a cynical Mr. Dukakis to get his way.
Perhaps, you have misunderstood our e-mails and requests.
We are not looking to you to voice your take on this issue,
nor to hear reasons why you/we are helpless in this matter.
We are looking for you to represent the Majority Voice on this issue.
Enough is enough.
How does a former hood ornament
of arguably one of the more corrupted political states in America
end up inflicting his family's "personal taste" on a California neighborhood ?
Now thats depressing!
Surely, there are better applications for both the ADA
and Mr. Dukakis' o'erwhelming ego,
than screwing over homeowners and families
whose only crime is having cleaned up Los Angeles' and UCLA's mess
in the only manner afforded them.
As I recall, Bill Clinton (another politician used to being above the process),
appointed Mr.Dukakis to the Board of AMTRAK.
No wonder he is so good at railroading people.
Mike, stick to your job.
Take UCLA's money and at least try be a good neighbor.

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