Friday, December 15, 2006

Tanks Mike!

December Police Log
North Village Westwood
December 24, 2006
12:04 A.M.
Call received from Dukakis household
Duplicate Report # 6854
Part-time resident reports Suspicious, illicit, illegal, life threatening tandem parking activity
in direct violation of Municipal, State and Federal Laws,
The Patriotic Act, The Geneva Convention, The Mayflower Compact and the Treaty of Ghent.
Units dispatched
Suspect Apprehended
Taken Into Custody
Pending Competency Hearing
Vehicle: Unregistered/ Uninsured/ Tandem Parked/ IMPOUNDED
               Animal Control /Assistance
              ( Mr. Dukakis demanded to press charges and agreed to appear to testify against Suspect)
Name: Clause, Santa
DOB:  1/1/1
Race: Caucasion
Height: 6'
Weight: 342

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Scofflaw said...

I knew this was coming when I saw the Easter Bunny lead off in handcuffs and they teargassed the Great Pumpkin.