Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We are pleased ...

... to be informed that ticketing will not happen as planned, however the goal of this organization is to come up with a solution, we don't want to re-visit this issue 6 months down the line, we want to have a solution for it, how bout permit tandem parking ? Issue permits for tandem parking, this would solve the immediate need until a more long term approach were discovered, built by UCLA and community. We are happy to hear other ideas, we would also like very much to be heard by, Mr. Dukakis, City Council and UCLA, we will schedule meetings to discuss all of this in the very near future. The permit approach grandfathers in existing builings with parking needs very real, very necessary to thier lively-hood and well being, (reliance) yet allows the city to enforce its laws which it has not been doing for 30 or more years, to non-permit holders.

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